Tax Retirement Fund Association - TRFA



TRFA Prospectus Audit template

1. We the People of [       ] for [       ] hereinafter the venue, wish and by exerting imposed rule; require that an independent audit and statistical review of our venue be conducted forthwith exclusively by the Tax Retirement Fund Association hereinafter the TRFA.

The purpose of the audit and statistical review conducted by the TRFA will be for the preparation by the TRFA of a prospectus for the implementation of the Tax Retirement Fund principle of operation for our venue that will outline recommendations for local government agency, enterprise operation, and investment fund consolidation with comprehensive operational guidelines having the intent for scheduled measures necessary for the total elimination of all taxation requirements collected for and from our venue.

Upon completion and then presentation of the audit, statistical review, and prospectus presentation by the TRFA to the people of this venue a ballot vote by "We the People" will be conducted through and by a "hand paper count" within [       ] days from the presentation of the prospectus by the TRFA to the people of this venue for the approval or declining of the prospectus presented by the TRFA. 

If the prospectus presented is passed by majority vote of "We the People" then timely implementation of the operating principles and guidelines of the prospectus shall be enacted into working order by our venue's administration within 120 days of passage by majority vote of the people.

2. We the People require the full cooperation of the venue administration, State, and US Attorney Generals office to be made available to the TRFA in facilitating requirements for discovery, audit, statistical review, and prospectus preparation requirements if requested by the TRFA.

3. By authority and mandate of "We the People" exercising full application of law, hereby assert and require that any individual, group, or government body that it is shown intentionally or with intent covertly impedes, delays, or falsifies information given to the TRFA adversely affecting the timeliness of: Voting schedules; conducting of the audit; or preparation of the TRFA Audit Prospectus; subsequent vote by the people on the Prospectus; and then if passed by public vote, the implementation of the TRF program for application in this venue shall be a first degree felony by standing law as outlined here [ STATE AND FEDERAL LAW (not statute) AS APPLIES ] punishable by fines of [       ] and or prison sentencing of no more than [       ] years.

4. Approval by "We the People" of this venture in this venue will authorize and require payment of 1/4 of 1% of this venue's general purpose and enterprise operating budget funds to be paid the TRFA, and that payment will be made within twenty days of passage by public vote. This payment shall be dedicated to the TRFA, and paid timely to and at the direction of the TRFA to be use by the TRFA at its discretion for the assignment of the teams of auditors, actuaries, legal, office staff, and general operating funds necessary for the TRFA to get the comprehensive audit, statistical review, prospectus preparation, and delivery of the prospectus for further vote by the people completed in this venue.

Majority vote establishing the will and mandate of "We the People" of this venue is and shall be superlative to standing statute affecting this venue, and approval vote by "We the People" shall have the full force of law standing or necessary for enactment to fulfill the peoples will and mandate in this undertaking by the TRFA.


It is noted that the basic simplicity and nature of these aspects brought forward shall not be diluted or expanded upon in complexity that limits the true scope of application intended.

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